Different Roses, Different Doctors. Throught time and space.

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[ I don’t like this whole Sara-abstinence thing. ]



That’s me, when we first met.

Doctor Who Rewatch

↳ Rose 1x01
"I’ve got no A-levels, no job. No future. But I’ll tell you what I have got. Jericho Street Junior School Under-7s gymnastic team. I got the bronze!"


"I’m John Watson—


—and not really a fan of Mondays, unlike you apparently.”

"John Watson? You mean like the——!
      Hah, brilliant. And you wonder why I love Mondays.”

"The Doctor. Just ‘the Doctor’. Good to meet you, John Watson."



Monday? I could’ve swore it was Thursday…”


"…Ah, sod it. I reported yesterday, let’em handle things on their own for once."

    “There’s the spirit. 
I might join you, then. Y’know—— birds of a feather lazing around together. Or something like that. 

    Forget it, it’s too early for maxims.”


"You’re enthusiastic about Mondays, mate—


—and what? You’re supposed to be where?”

"Ah—— yeah. Suppose you could say that. 
         Just forget I mentioned it. Who’re you, then?”

'S Monday, isn't it?
         ——Ah, good. Brilliant. Love Mondays.

      I’m… supposed to be at Torchwood, aren’t I?

"While they’re happy, they can feed off each other’s love. Without it, they’re lost".

Anonymous: Susan Foreman tried to kill herself. 

    "——And why should I believe anything you have to say about Susan Foreman?"